The worst online casinos: Top 3 blacklisted casinos

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The  rogue casinos exist all over the internet. It is always recommended to check the reliability of the latter before registering and having your pockets feathered.

In what hurts, we will list the scam techniques  used by online casinos and warn you about 3 worst online casinos on the market.

How do you know if an online casino is bad or a scam?

There are several criteria that catch your eye and that regulars of online casinos notice very quickly. However, it is the beginners who get the  most disappointment  because they do not yet know certain practices.

Game licenses

The first thing to check on a casino is the documents that attest to its  legality and reliability . If an online casino is not regulated in your country or if it is prohibited in the country. 

worst online casinos

If all the more you need a VPN to access it, do not trust it. It has surely been reported by citizens of your country and its IP address has been banned by the competent authorities.

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The lucrative bonuses

Bonuses are the offers that attract the most players. What could be more beautiful than receiving free money! However, some online casinos hide their casino usage policy well . Indeed, they require a number of additional bets impossible to make to have the right to withdraw his money. Then have the reflex to read the  withdrawal conditions carefully .

The rigged games

It is fairly well known that online casinos offer game titles where it is impossible to win. These are rigged and are configured to  always lose players . Games like this are sometimes spread between the game categories of a casino. The best thing is to check their designers and trust only those of reference.

Client service

 Inactive , unresponsive, or questionable customer service undoubtedly reflects an unprofessional casino.

Top 3 Worst Online Casinos

To avoid the  worst experiences you may encounter, we warn you against these 3 casinos which have received the most complaints and negative opinions from players.

Slots Garden Casino

Regarding this casino, its main flaw is its customer service. Indeed, players  never manage to make contact with the casino, despite the use of contact means available to them.

Realbet Casino

As for Realbet, its customers have complained widely that they have never been able to make a  withdrawal without stress . This one takes a lot of time. Players do not always get explanations for this behavior.

Bingomania Casino

In addition to a  poorly maintained game interface that has not evolved in years, players fail to make their payments correctly. What is unfortunate is that many players have relied on Bingomania because of old reviews of players who said it was good.  Bingomania would therefore have deteriorated.

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